Friday, 25 February 2011

The challenge: 50 books set in 50 states over 50 weeks.

Starting on 25th Feb 2011 I am setting myself the challenge of reading a fiction novel set in every state in America over 50 weeks. Why? Being an Englishman who has long romanticised all things American the idea of undertaking a road-trip taking in every state has long appealed to me, but having neither the time nor the money I figured this was the next best thing. Why is it a challenge? Well, I’m not the fastest reader in the world by any means. The most books I’ve ever read in a single year was around 25 a couple years back, so I’m already looking to double that. Also, I have a day job, I practise with a band twice a week, and I have a life. So that only leaves around 3-4 evenings a week to focus on ploughing through these books. For my own benefit I won’t be tackling any weighty tomes, but so as to not “cheat” I will be limiting myself to books I’ve not read before.

The books themselves have to be solely or at least mostly set within the state boundaries. I'll allow in some cases for fictitious towns/cities clearly set in the state where there's lack of a decent alternative.

I’ll also be working my way through the states geographically, like a proper road trip. So I’ll be starting in Maine and ending in Hawaii.

If I make it even halfway I'll be impressed.

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